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What has been working well for you to be able to reach and engage students in the sea of communications going out?


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  • University Success

    Thoughts from the Roundtable Discussion:

    • Katherine Lawlor, Northern Arizona University: Angela and I partner to send out a weekly or bi-weekly email through the Suitable app. Our Instagram is working well sometimes. Starting to do more push notifications going forward. The new incentives are helping: stickers, campfire mugs, and frisbees.
    • Jasmine Jackson, Kennesaw State University: We use 3, 0-credit courses for our professionalism program at Coles College of Business. 1st of the series is required to enter the college, complete series required for graduation.
    • Kristin LaRiviere, University of Maryland: We created a "limited edition" mini-badge featuring a learning style assessment, attending a review session, and building out their LMS profile
    • Julia Parcell, University of Missouri: We also offer On-Demand activities that can be done at any time, which is helpful.
    • Sherry Weaver, University of Calgary, in response to a question about push notifications not being enabled by students: How many use 'prizes' only sent out via notification? You can't get the prize unless you react to notification. It might convince them to turn it on?

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