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How can, or do, GAs, work-study students, student ambassador programs, or any other student assistance help your office?


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  • University Success

    Thoughts from the roundtable discussion:

    • Katherine Lawlor, Northern Arizona University: We are ordering beanies with our logo to encourage students to become volunteer student ambassadors. My goal is to have 20 students create a video explaining why they utilize the app to learn more about the first-generation college student identity.
    • Kristin LaRiviere, University of Maryland: Our GA handles day-to-day logistics such as adding events, handling approvals, etc. Our club liaison approves club events. This semester we also hired a group of iSmith (our program name) brand ambassadors who are handling passing out prizes, social media posts, and managing focus groups
    • Amy Vaught, University of Pittsburgh: Our student ambassadors are not paid but they still stick around!! They do get branded incentives (crew neck sweatshirts, hats, etc.) to wear during tabling shifts or presentations. They participate because they love helping other students complete the OCC! (our program at Pitt) It also looks great on a resume!

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