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What is one thing that you’ll be taking away from this past year and a half and carrying in your programming moving forward?


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  • Sarah Ratekin

    I'm new to higher ed. I've been in my role 10 months at this point, coming out of corporate environments where engagement challenges are not dissimilar. ;)

    What I learned was that what "we" think students want (I inherited a lot of assumptions when I picked up the previous iteration of our program) and what is actually of interest to students is wildly different - AND - students don't know what they CAN want, so we can't just rely on the standard replies to build programming.

    Employer-centric programming is key for us. Students have enough academic-related "stuff" to do.  Professional development workshops, in and of themselves, are NOT sexy. Connecting those conversations with real, live (... even if virtual)...) employers is crucial.


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